Being born and raised in Alaska, I never knew how fortunate I was, to grow up surrounded by the Tongass National Forest and all the splendor that it has to offer. I never stopped mowing the lawn to watch the whales swim by or the sea lions climb up onto the rocks in my backyard. I never stopped to watch the deer walk by or the eagles soaring overhead. It was not until I was returned from my first trip to Russian that I stopped and realizes, wow, I have gotten to see some cool stuff. It was then that I started to pick up a camera and start to take pictures.
Now my camera is not more than an arm’s reach away. I have started to understand why people are so drawn to Alaska, all the things that I had always taken for granted. Over the years my collection of photos has grown. I have been published and magazines, newspapers and across the internet.
This site was created for me to share my photos and the stories behind them. The photos are from adventures experienced years ago or just yesterday. Daily photos are posted to let you see into the life of the true Alaskan, and for you to enjoy what surrounds me daily.