Totem Square

It was a calm and peaceful day in Sitka, Alaska. I decided to fly the drone over downtown Sitka to take a few photos. This photos is of Totem Square and the Sitka Pioneer Home. Both have great historical interest to not just Sitka, but Alaska. The Totem Pole in Totem Square was to commemorate the peace treaty that Alexander Andreyevich Baranov helped broker in 1805 after this battle between the Russians and the Tlingit Indians. The pole was commissioned by the U.S. Forest Service 135 years after a pivotal battle that ushered in the peace talks. The pole was made at the request of local Tlingit leaders of Sitka’s Kiksadi clan as a project of the Civilian Conservation Corps, a work program that was part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal” launched during the Depression to put people to work. The pole was carved in Wrangell much to the disappointment of the Sitka tribes since Wrangell and the Sitka tribes had a long history of conflict. The Sitka Pioneer Home was opened in September 1913 on a $10,000 budget. The home struggled financially until the 1930s, when the federal and territorial governments appropriated around $400,000 to replace the dilapidated and fire-prone buildings, creating a new home capable of caring for 170 men. In 1949, upon mandate from the territorial legislature, an expansion was constructed, with women permitted to be taken under care.Original photo October 25, 2016.