All I Can See

It had been a long drive on the Alaska Highway into British Columbia. We pulled over and were having lunch when we noticed Dall Sheep starting to gather on one of the hills. I knew that it would be a long and hard hike. I grabbed my gear and starting hiking. About half way up […]

Taking a Break

I was spending the 4th of July in Gustavus with family. My wives great grandparent homesteaded in Gustavus, it is a wonderful place to spend the holiday. There is a small parade that you get to see twice, and everyone in town gathers together. It is like a giant picnic, complete with games for all […]

Left Turn

The bald eagle is one of the most recognizable birds, and a must see if you are visiting Alaska. I was out for a walk on the Cross Trail and looked up to see this eagle circling over head. I am not sure what it was looking at, but I grabbed my camera and started […]

Another Day

I was out working in the yard and looked up and saw one of the Alaska Marine Highway ferries, passing the house. This was not something that I have seen in 15 plus years, as the ferry terminal is at the other end of town, 16 miles away. After about 15 minutes I was starting […]

Minions of the Sea

It was just another day out in the boat, coming back from a fishing trip, when I looked over to the shore and noticed a gathering of sea lions making a lot of noise. I was not sure how long it would take for them to get curious enough to approach the boat. So, I […]


I was walking the trailing around the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau and was startled by the splashing of this sockeye in the stream. I was a little hopefully that it might have been a bear in the stream, but no such luck. I watched the sockeye trying to get up this one sand bar and […]

Wrangell Narrows

The Alaska Marine Highway is the Alaska ferry system, which is the lifeline to main Alaska communities. I was driving over to a friends house in Petersburg, for diner one night and stopped to take a picture of the ferry passing through the Wrangell Narrows. Original photo taken August 3rd, 2005.


I was out working in the shed when I looked out and saw the Alaska Marine Highway passing in front of the house. This would have been the 2nd time in 25 years that I saw the ferry near the mouth of Silver Bay. I watched them off and on and noticed that they were […]

Resting your Wings

We were up picking blueberries on the Thimbleberry Lake trail. I think that I was only getting one for one, one berry for the bucket, one berry for my month, so I had to pick for awhile to fill up my one gallon buckets. I a walked along the lake to find another berry patch, […]

Anchored Up

It was the end of another day and we went out in the boat for a afternoon cruise. Since the seas were calm we went out to St. Lazaria to watch the puffins and whale watch in Sitka Sound. When we arrived at St. Lazaria there was a troller anchored up for an afternoon nap. […]