Straight Ahead

It was time for us to start getting ready to return to the rural community of Selawik, Alaska to teach another year in the arctic. We put the truck on the ferry and traveled to Juneau to do the last of our shopping. You could mail 70 lbs for $15, it was a great deal. […]

Leaving Safe Harbor

Sitka, Alaska is a fishing community. With four boat harbors, it has one of the largest fishing fleets in Alaska. As I was finishing up a walk on the dock, I started to notice the gray clouds starting to roll in. I now had one goal, finishing my walk and getting back to the truck […]

Alaska pictures

Around Every Corner

Everyday around every corner this is what you would see if you lived in Southeast Alaska. The trees stretch as far as they can down the beach and the seaweed climbs as high as it can up the beach. It was a great day to get out and go for a walk. As I climbed […]


It was not raining and I was done with work for the day. So, I ran home grabbed the boat, family and headed for the harbor. As we headed out in the boat my daughter only made one request before falling asleep, find her a beach to explore. We watched dolphins playing in the surf, […]

Pacific Belle

During the Sitka Sound Sac Roe Herring Fishery, town is always busy with lots of people and fishing boats from all over the Northwest coming to fish the opening. I always enjoy going around and looking at all the different boats. Crossing over the John O’Connell Bridge I looked back to see the Pacific Belle […]

Totem Square

It was a calm and peaceful day in Sitka, Alaska. I decided to fly the drone over downtown Sitka to take a few photos. This photos is of Totem Square and the Sitka Pioneer Home. Both have great historical interest to not just Sitka, but Alaska. The Totem Pole in Totem Square was to commemorate […]

Hanging Out

It is common to see Sea Lions sun bathing on the navigational buoys throughout Southeast Alaska. If you stop the boat you can hear them barking and making a mess of noise. We were passing through Eastern Channel when we saw them sitting there. As we shut off the motor and drifted, we listen to […]

Soaring Eagle

The America Bald Eagle is one of the top 10 things that visitors to Alaska what to photography. I had just dropped off some freight at Alaska Air Cargo, and stopped to eat lunch. There were lots of eagles soaring over the channel that separators Baranof Island and Japonski Island. I grabbed my camera and […]

Fishing Boat in Channel

The fishing vessel Masonic pulled away from the Sitka Seafood Coop fish processing plant as this eagle soars overhead. I had been done working on cleaning up after a fishing trip when F/V Masonic passed by the dock. Eagles were flying everywhere over the channel. Original picture taken at 20th, 2005.

Pioneer Square

I decided to fly my drone around and take a picture of downtown Sitka. In the foreground is Totem Park and the Pioneer Home behind it. A contingent of U.S. Marine Corps had been stationed from 1879 to 1892 in a group of barracks built by Russian in the 1800s, located at the actual site […]

Elder Fish Camp

During the winter in arctic Alaska you either don’t get to watch the sun rise and set or you get to watch it all in about an hour. We took advantage of the days growing longer and took another snow machine ride to the Elder’s Summer Fish Camp. It was only about a 30-minute ride […]

Arctic Cabin

I had to take a trip up to Fairbanks for work and stayed with the wife’s family. They had two cabins just a short walk from the Chena Hot Springs. I for to stay in the original cabin and as the temp reached -40 degrees, I can tell you that it might of not been […]

Coast Guard in Alaska

The 4th of July in Sitka brings this small town alive with activities. Each year the locals get the opportunity to watch the Coast Guard do a rescue demonstration. This is important to the locals that relies heavy on fishing fleet for it economy and so many locals that go boating. The Coast Guard use […]

Snowmachine Trip to Selawik

After teaching in the rural Alaska community of Selawik for several years, I returned once again to visit some friends that now lived in Buckland. Both of these rural communities are part of the Northwest Arctic School District and about 50-75 miles apart. In the winter this is a trip that many people make, as […]


We were out in the boat making a short trip to a Forest Service cabin that would be used by family later in the summer. Stopping at a few beaches to see which ones would be the best for the family to play on. I just took the time to lay on the beach while […]

Sitka Alaska Sunset


On my way home from work, I watched as the sun got lower and lower on the horizon. Just as it was about to dip behind the island I pulled over and grabbed my camera. Running down the beach to get a low on the horizon as I could, I realized I now had to […]

Sitka Sound Herring Fishing

Sitka Sound Herry Fishery

The Sitka Sound Sac Roe Herring Fishery is one of the most anticipated events of the spring. It is with you know winter is over in Sitka. Hundreds of fishing boats come from all over the northwest to fish. The opening vary from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the concentration of fish. Watching […]

Flying over tundra

Quick Trip to Kotzebue

Flying in Alaska is one of my favorite things, looking down all of the different terrains. While I was flying from Selawik to Kotzebue for an in-service, I could not stop looking out the window. The Horseshoe Lakes and the color of the tundra were just breath taking. I like this one because it showed […]

Sealaska Heritage Institute

While attending the a Basic Arts Institute with the Alaska Arts Education Consortium I had the chance to visit the local Heritage Institute. The Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau allows the opportunity for visitor and locals alike interact and experience the cultural history of Tlingits. Become immersed by traditional carving, basketry, sewing and dance at […]

fish eggs hanging to dry in rural alaska

Harvesting Fish Eggs

School was over for the day and we were walking to the post office. Normally kids from the school see you walking and walk with you for a while. They are just out playing in the village and I would always enjoyed their company, smiles and energy that they had. This time of season was […]

Float planes in alaska

Float Planes in Southeast Alaska

It was the beginning of August and my wife was changing classrooms, from kindergarten to 1st grade. I hold told her that I would be able to help her get here classroom ready. Work called me out of town, within 30 minutes of being told I was leaving I was on a plane to Petersburg […]

Alaska aerial photography

Flying Around Southeast Alaska

Someone once made the comment to me that Alaskans fly like others take taxis, these could not be more turn. With no major road system to connect the communities of Southeast Alaska, our only options are boats or planes. This was one of the many flights that I took up to Gustavus to visit my […]

Elders Fish Camp

The sun does not rise for very long in Arctic Alaska. We departed from Selawik late morning and around noon, we finally reached the Elder’s Summer Fish Camp. During the summer this camp would be alive with kids playing on the river banks and eating berries, adults harvesting fish from the river and hanging them […]