It was not raining and I was done with work for the day. So, I ran home grabbed the boat, family and headed for the harbor. As we headed out in the boat my daughter only made one request before falling asleep, find her a beach to explore. We watched dolphins playing in the surf, […]

Arctic Cabin

I had to take a trip up to Fairbanks for work and stayed with the wife’s family. They had two cabins just a short walk from the Chena Hot Springs. I for to stay in the original cabin and as the temp reached -40 degrees, I can tell you that it might of not been […]

Snowmachine Trip to Selawik

After teaching in the rural Alaska community of Selawik for several years, I returned once again to visit some friends that now lived in Buckland. Both of these rural communities are part of the Northwest Arctic School District and about 50-75 miles apart. In the winter this is a trip that many people make, as […]

Sitka Alaska Sunset


On my way home from work, I watched as the sun got lower and lower on the horizon. Just as it was about to dip behind the island I pulled over and grabbed my camera. Running down the beach to get a low on the horizon as I could, I realized I now had to […]

fish eggs hanging to dry in rural alaska

Harvesting Fish Eggs

School was over for the day and we were walking to the post office. Normally kids from the school see you walking and walk with you for a while. They are just out playing in the village and I would always enjoyed their company, smiles and energy that they had. This time of season was […]