Elder Fish Camp

During the winter in arctic Alaska you either don’t get to watch the sun rise and set or you get to watch it all in about an hour. We took advantage of the days growing longer and took another snow machine ride to the Elder’s Summer Fish Camp. It was only about a 30-minute ride […]

Snowmachine Trip to Selawik

After teaching in the rural Alaska community of Selawik for several years, I returned once again to visit some friends that now lived in Buckland. Both of these rural communities are part of the Northwest Arctic School District and about 50-75 miles apart. In the winter this is a trip that many people make, as […]

Flying over tundra

Quick Trip to Kotzebue

Flying in Alaska is one of my favorite things, looking down all of the different terrains. While I was flying from Selawik to Kotzebue for an in-service, I could not stop looking out the window. The Horseshoe Lakes and the color of the tundra were just breath taking. I like this one because it showed […]

fish eggs hanging to dry in rural alaska

Harvesting Fish Eggs

School was over for the day and we were walking to the post office. Normally kids from the school see you walking and walk with you for a while. They are just out playing in the village and I would always enjoyed their company, smiles and energy that they had. This time of season was […]

Elders Fish Camp

The sun does not rise for very long in Arctic Alaska. We departed from Selawik late morning and around noon, we finally reached the Elder’s Summer Fish Camp. During the summer this camp would be alive with kids playing on the river banks and eating berries, adults harvesting fish from the river and hanging them […]